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bellatec is playing an active role in the mobility and climate revolution

Brought on by humankind’s greenhouse gas emissions, the climate crisis is one of the most significant challenges of our time. To tackle this, the member states of the European Union want to reduce their 55% their CO2 emissions by the year 2030. By 2050, they aim to achieve full carbon neutrality. As a member of the EU, Germany has recently readjusted its targets at national level: by 2030, there should be 65% less greenhouse gas emissions than in 1990. Additionally, Germany wants to become completely carbon-neutral by 2045.

By fulfilling its ambitious climate goals, bellatec GmbH is making a significant contribution. As retailers of sought-after, high-quality charging stations and electro-mobility solutions, we’re helping make the transition to a “green future” a reality and making zero-emissions mobility possible. Sustainable, carbon neutral mobility – bellatec will get us there!

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Environmental Social Governance Strategy (ESG)

In its day-to-day business, bellatec’s management sets itself ambitious targets that form part of an integrated ESG strategy. This strategy is divided up into three important fields of activity:

Governance and Values

We are committed to providing good company management, acknowledging compliance-relevant issues and our responsibility as part of the supply chain.

bellatec Team

We are constantly endeavouring to provide decent work and fair pay for our employees and partners, promote their health and safety and train the next generation of employees.

Products, Services and CO2-Footprint

We are tackling the effects our operations have on energy and emissions, sustainability and the safety of our partners’ products through our innovation.
All of these issues are linked to concrete goals. Behind every goal is a series of measures, the success of which we can measure using quantitative parameters.

We’re looking for you to become a strategic investor! Ideally, you should already be an established partner in the industry from the automotive sector, facility management and building services or the energy sector.

Partners and Memberships:

durch Kompensation mit Klimaschutzzertifikaten aus dem Projekt „UN CER Biomasse Chile“

durch Kompensation mit Klimaschutzzertifikaten
aus dem Projekt „UN CER Biomasse Chile“.
Wir sind Entrepreneure von THE GROW:
Die Mission von THE GROW: Europa als Innovations-Standort stärken.

Team bellatec:

Thomas J. Bella

Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Matthias Creydt


Alexander Rudolph

Content Marketing

Alexandra Pampel

Assistant to the Management and Office Management

Timo Brummer

Project and Sales Manager